Evangelos Pitsikas​

Managing Partner


Evangelos is the managing partner and company secretary of HM Services and Consultancy. He manages all our research programs and oversees all business operations and has become a source of leading expertise, analysis and ideas and has helped the company move into the next stage of global growth.

Hollie Harris

HR Business Partner


Hollie manages the HR department and support and leads the implementation of HR strategy across the organisation. She also provides guidance on people practices and develops and implements HR strategies aligned with the overall organisation strategy.

Mamoun Naji

Defence & Security Advisor.

As our advisor, Mr Mamoun is a defence and security analyst covering the MENA region and the Southern Caucasus. He has been interviewed by the international media, including Al-Jazeera, Sky News, BBC, CGTN and other major TV channels worldwide.

Rabee Batarseh

Senior Financial Analyst


As an international banking and financial services specialist, Rabee provides us with recommendations on investment opportunities, financial planning and budgeting. 

Ibrahim Dabit

Creative Director

Ibrahim manages our digital, content, and creative departments, handling all aspects of design strategy, integration, and execution. He also assists us in our projects and advertising campaigns across a range of cinematographic, digital, online and print content.

Hamzeh Abu Nowar

MENA Research Senior Analyst


Mr Hamzeh works closely with our clients in the MENA region and has extensive expertise in directing research projects and campaigns in geopolitics, policy, and counter terrorism in the MENA region.

He also provides guidance to our research team and supports the development and implementation of our research strategy.


Hind Abu Nowar

Director and Founder


Miss Hind manages our client portfolio, investors and company budgets, and has experience working with diverse client industries.

She also establishes and maintains good business relationships and networking for future contract opportunities.

Our expertise comes from various academic and professional backgrounds, and we continue to build a network of researchers in the Middle East, North Africa and the United Kingdom.

The following are a few members of the management team

Hisham Khreisat

Military, Strategy & Security Advisor

As an adviser, Mr Hisham is a military strategy and security expert covering the MENA region, he is an expert in military strategic analysis, counter-terrorism, counter-terrorism financing and money laundering.

Maze Fidan

Research Analyst

Maze is a research analyst working with our company, she has expertise in research on Turkey's international relations, particularly Turkey's relations with Russia, the EU and the US. 

Moayad Alhindi

Operations and Project Management

Moayad is our Operations and Project Manager, responsible for managing our projects and has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating numerous types of contracts.

Moayad also assists us in reviewing procurement contract forms, pricing, project delivery methods and negotiate contracts with our clients.