Geopolitics and Security

We conducted research and studies on the crisis in the MENA region and the South Caucasus, along with research and analysis on the war against ISIS and al-Qaida.

We have also participated in conferences in Amman, Jordan, about the situation in the MENA region, particularly the crisis in Yemen.

Finance, Economy and Policy

We have undertaken several studies for financial services technology organisations that supply software, data, and analysis to investment bankers. Not only, but also to major international institutional investors in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and North America. Most of our recent work has focused on the impact of changes in oil prices and terrorist attacks or threats on investment markets' performance in MENA countries.

Our experts conduct research on a wide range of topics, including policy, geopolitics, security, extremism and radicalization, economics and finance.

Extremism and Radicalization

Extremism and terrorism ideology have been a longstanding challenge for the global community. We have participated in various projects to study current and evolving trends in terrorist financing and how they can be addressed. We also participated in multiple projects to explore extremist ideology and propaganda materials distributed over the Internet and social networking sites.

Professional information firms and software solutions in law, business, tax, accounting, financial, audit, risk and compliance

We have undertaken several research projects in the MENA region for business intelligence firms and international trade organisations on economic policies, regulations, tax compliance and employment legislation. We have also studied the impacts of recent political development and current political trends in the MENA region for foreign investment. Furthermore, we conducted a country risk assessment in the MENA countries, including political stability, economic risk and security.

Research Areas and Topics

Technology, media and entertainment corporations

We have helped international companies in a number of projects to internationalise and localise their software applications, online stores and websites in the Middle East and North Africa region.

We helped them redesign their graphics, scripts, media, and other materials based on geopolitical sensitivities, local regulations, copyright, data protection, payment methods, currency conversion, taxes, language, and culture.

Online Radicalisation

In recent projects, we have studied recruitment messages with various forms of media such as audio, music, text and video and investigated what attracted vulnerable people to these messages.

Also, identify the inconsistencies that we can take advantage of to reduce the attractiveness and glamour of recruitment messages.