The Return of the Taliban

​August 28, 2021

​​​August 26, 2021

by Hamzeh Abu Nowar

Hamzeh Abu Nowar is a senior research analyst for HMSC. Covering the MENA region. He has conducted research on political violence, extremism and international conflict in the MENA region.

The evacuations of the Afghan capital, Kabul airport, require better arrangements and planning than the ones we are witnessing today.

The two explosions at the Kabul airport indicate a great danger and risk to the lives of the U.S. and allied forces, and Afghans who are cooperating with them, due to the overwhelming chaos that is currently taking place in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

According to the researchers, there were links between ISIS-K (Islamic State Khorasan Province) and Al-Qaeda with Taliban, there has been some cooperation between them in the past. Furthermore, researchers expecting more terrorist operations that might kill hundreds of people in the future due to the lack of coordination that currently exists between the Taliban and the Americans, and neighbouring countries in Central Asia.

There are two options to deal with this situation, either to stop the evacuation momentarily or to increase the number of U.S. forces to complete the operation. Taliban has set a deadline at the end of the month to complete the evacuation, making the situation even more complicated.

The greatest challenge facing the Taliban is to control the chaos and violence and turn it into a stable and secure state. Taliban must prove to the world their ability to govern the country and to prevent the export of terrorism abroad and get the situation under control.

The most dangerous thing is ISIS-K using rockets in future operations, to close down Kabul Airport or to strike or shoot down evacuation planes.

The Taliban must form an inclusive government so that the world recognizes the Taliban as a legitimate government and gives them financial assistance to help the people of Afghanistan.

Things are getting worse, and it would have been better if the U.S. had remained in Afghanistan until some sort of settlement was reached.

Interference with failed states is a major strategic mistake, and Afghanistan could be heading into another civil war, chaos, and violence, and it's difficult to predict when it's going to end.

MENA Research Senior Analyst ​​​

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The Return of the Taliban

​August 28, 2021

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Evacuation of Kabul Airport: Situation is getting worse