Regulatory & Policy Research

Regulatory Policy Research

Legislations, regulations and policies often tend to create a misunderstanding in what means what, which may introduce unnecessary risks for organisations who would like to launch their services in other regions.

Regulatory misinterpretation can lead your business to compliance risks, which may expose you to violation of law or regulation, financial penalties, delay in filing and approval of applications and failed submissions, which will cost time, funds, resources and opportunities.

Our regulatory research allows our clients to:

  • Get information about regulatory guidelines, policy and legislation.

  • Understand regulatory environment and identify opportunities to launch your business to global markets faster.

  • Track regulatory developments.

  • Make well informed decisions to manage regulatory risks and change.

How do we do it?

Our approach is based on three main segments:

   1. Gathering key or significant information

   2. Analysing information and understand its relevance

   3. Developing regulatory strategy

Our approach simplifies the research process from finding, integrating and analysing regulatory information so your focus will be on reviewing information that only applies to your business.

1. Gathering data

To start with, identify and collect relevant regulatory information. This can mean researching:

  • Governing bodies, rules and regulations.
  • Regulatory Information on websites, blogs and social media.
  • Warning Letters.
  • Published articles.
  • Guidance Documents.

2. Analysing information and understand its relevance

Since the first segment comprises of extensive research material, the data needs to be filtered out to find what is relevant and helpful for our client business.

This process may go through multiple revisions because regulations, guidelines and standards may vary from country to country and to keep up with latest changes in regulations and guidelines.

3. developing a regulatory strategy

Finally, is to develop a regulatory strategy for your organisation. Different business has different regulatory guidelines in different countries and regions.

Regulatory strategy incorporates strategy advice and recommendations on how to move forward, examine pitfalls and migtate any risks, challenges or issues that your business might face, successfully launch in markets worldwide and confidently comply with regulatory guidelines and increase submission approval rates.

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