Data Analysis


​We discover and collect data through public, commercial databases and our own databases, we analyse it to answer your questions to help you in decision making, answering questions and strategy. 

The process:

​​​​​Our data collection and analysis is done in-house (no third-parties involved) unless clients instruct us to work with other parties. We discuss with you the details of the project (objectives, team, timing, and deliverables). 

1. Data Gathering  

Our objective is to gather:

  • Accurate, clean and quality data: We discover, investigate, analyse and evaluate a variety of information sources. The data generated is not robust and free from bias in both its collection and analysis including evidence that may suggest that we are wrong or doesn’t support our beliefs.

  • Identify most relevant information: we incorporate a team of multicultural, multidisciplinary researchers to understand the data presented at us and to come up with a well-researched conclusion.

a) Digital data - Cyberspace
We use software applications such as social media analytical tools and other business Intelligence applications to gather and filter data from:  

Online conversations

  • search engines

  • online communities

  • blogs

  • news 

b) Case Studies
c) Reports
d) One-on-one interviews
e) Focus Groups
f) Surveys

2. Generating insights

The data gathered with the ways mentioned above will be subsequently quantified and analysed to generate clear, realistic and actionable insights.

 3. Results & Recommendations

The research will investigate and analyse generated insights and convert them into ideas and recommendations that policymakers need to make decisions and answer big questions.

How our services will help you?  

  • Define your market, clients and customers.

  •  Identify trends that relate to your services.

  • Understand your client’s discussion, preferences and interests in relation to your brand.

  • Identify potential opportunities.

  • Answering big questions.


  • Receive recommendations and strategy. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.